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Fresh Forty - Fiqrie


Hello, Azura here! Instead of me telling you about myself, sometimes it’s better to hear what others have to say. Here’s what my sister has to say about me!

“TV presenting, singing, dancing, acting, modelling, emceeing and now she’s on radio, the Red Fix on RED fm 104.9! Azura, the multitalented girl from ‘Disney Channel Asia’, is no stranger to the local entertainment scene. Her career as a presenter started at the age of 17 with Disney Channel Asia and spanned over 7 years. Working for ‘The Mouse’ exposed Azura to international level production thus spawning a fan base covering 7 countries namely, the Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and of course Malaysia.

Backed by years of experience, Azura is fearless, provocative and downright precocious! From hosting a childrens’ programme she moved on to host the popular travel log ‘Xplorasi’ on TV1 for 7 years running; taking her to amazing depths in the ocean scuba diving, to amazing heights of the Mount Everest base camp in Nepal, to speeding down river rapids wherever it may be found. Xplorasi opened new doors for her as Azura’s name is now synonymous to travel & adventure as she has hosted numerous programmes of that genre to date namely, “13 Hari- Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai”, “Langit & Bumi”, “Enchanting Escapes” & “Jom Pi”. She was also the face of Astro Arena’s “Aktifpedia”, a sports TV magazine.

Her endeavours soon after brought her to the artistic world of musicals & theatre. Her debut was as ‘The Princess of Mount Ledang’, the renowned musical, where she played the leading role for a showcase performance at the Singapore Festival of Arts.

Azuras’ last thespian exploit was playing the role of the youngest trio, Lorell Robinson, in the Broadway Musical ‘Dreamgirls’. The character portrayed was sweet, jovial, light hearted and fun, fitting Azura perfectly.

Travel & Adventure Shows, Reality TV, the Asean Games & Commonwealth Games sports commentary, Beauty & Health, Singing & Acting, Extreme Sports; Azura has done it all..”

So you know what? I believe her and I’m gonna take her word for it! Oh did you know that I was nominated for “Best Light Entertainment Presenter/Performer ” at The Asian Television Awards in 2002 & 2004? Tune in to me on the Red Fix, every Monday to Friday from 8pm to 12mn!

Fun facts about me!

1. What is the weirdest food you have ever tried?
    The weirdest food I’ve ever tried was a Filipino dish when I was shooting for Studio Disney,
    can’t remember what it’s called but its actually squid cooked in black ink and boiled popping
    seaweed (or maybe it was seagrapes). I really think it tasted bad because it wasn’t cooked
    properly. I almost tried the Balut but I got away with it. Cannot see myself eating it coz it

    feels like cruelty to animal.

2. What was the lamest pick-up line that you have used or has been used on you?
    Don’t think any pick up lines were ever used on me…..hmmmm. They normally just “go for the

    kill” :D

3. Who was your favorite superhero when you were little?
    Can I have 2?? My favourite superheroes would be He-Man and Lion-O. Are they even

    considered superheroes?

4. What was the strangest/weirdest gift you have ever received? 
    My fans are awesome, I’ve received all types of gifts from bookmarks to
    little teddy bears and bracelets and etc…but I guess the weirdest I have ever

    received would be a 3-1 drink, I guess he/she thought I needed one. hehehehe

5. If you could turn back time, what would be the one thing that you will change?
    If I could turn back time and change one thing, it would be not to spend too much
    of my time when I was a teenager in Uptown! And actually listen to my mother when

    she told me not to lepak in Uptown back then.

6. What’s the one thing you can’t do without in your daily routine?

    Not drinking water!

7. Has anyone you met “hit on you” during the 1st meeting?


8. What’s your most annoying habit?

    My most annoying habit would be burping out loud in front of the people I love.

9. What was your most embarrassing moment? 
    Nowadays, I get invited to sing at events. There was one time I was performing on
    stage and I actually forgot the lyrics to a song. I ended up creating my own lyrics!
    Hey you got to be creative, spontaneous and professional and just go with it. It happened

    just recently…sigh

10. If you were the opposite sex, which famous person would you date?
     Halle Berry coz we all know she’s HOT!!